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How do IQOS novices choose their favorite cartridges?

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      IQOS is currently the only e-cigarette product that can quit real cigarettes, and it will really change the body of long-term smokers (such as sore throat, excessive sputum, etc.). Everyone in the comment area introduced it in detail. But only the machine (pot) provided by koala is not enough, it must be used with a smoke bomb (vegetable). With a good pot, there must be good dishes to make a delicacy.

The IQOS universal cartridge is a heat-not-burn product with characteristics:

1. Short and small, only half the length of ordinary tobacco
2. Structure shredded tobacco (high-purity shredded tobacco processed by a special process) + aeration pipe (a kind of straw degradable material similar to plastic) + primary filter cotton (keep a proper temperature) + secondary filter cotton (filter)
When IQOS starts to work, the heating plate in the tobacco rod heats up to 350°C to evenly roast the shredded tobacco, producing a kind of nicotine-containing vapor (in fact, it is not smoke). The taste of inhalation is warm, and it has a real throat sensation. Unlike other types of electronic cigarettes, it makes the body feel that you are smoking instead of deceiving yourself.
Then the advantages of IQOS are obvious. The nicotine in tobacco will make the human body dependent, but the real cause of lung cancer and other problems are harmful substances such as carbon monoxide produced during combustion. Heating non-combustion satisfies your addiction to cigarettes, and at the same time, when you get used to this cartridge, you can taste the true flavor of tobacco without burning. (This is also the problem of why you can quit real cigarettes. After you get used to the pod, you will find that you can't smoke real cigarettes at all, and feel that real cigarettes have a smell of burning paper)
Attention!!! Here comes the most important question!!! There are so many brands of bombs, coupled with the differentiation of flavors, there are at least more than 20 kinds. How do I choose the flavor I like and can quit smoking??
1. It is not that the more expensive it is, the better it is to smoke. The price of cartridges varies widely. This is related to the consumption level of each country and many other reasons. First choose the price you can use as your daily consumption.
2. Cigarette cartridges can be divided into two categories, cold cigarettes with mint and original cigarettes without mint.
Don't just jump to conclusions, think you don't smoke cold cigarettes, just pass the mint. Some people think that the original flavour cartridge has an unbearable smell (like some people love coriander, and some people hate coriander very much)
3. Domestic tobacco bombs are currently being actively developed, including China Tobacco Sichuan and China Tobacco Hunan. Yunnan China Tobacco has launched its own cartridges, which are only exported but not issued in China. But the taste is temporarily incomparable, and there is still a long way to go.
4. Therefore, there is no cartridge with similar taste to domestic flue-cured tobacco. Even domestically produced cartridges are not like them. Because the smoke bomb is the fragrance that does not burn, how can it taste the same as the smell of burning real smoke?
5. One thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts. The best way is not to listen to others saying that the cartridges taste good, choose a brand that can accept the price, and buy a pack of each flavor. After trying them one by one, you can build a system of taste in your heart, which will never change.
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