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Use and storage of iqos cartridges

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       The biggest difference between IQOS cartridges and traditional cartridges is the difference in the combustion mechanism. Compared with traditional cigarettes, it uses combustion heating while IQOS uses heating elements. There is no open flame, no second-hand smoke, soot, and tar. Compared with traditional cigarettes, it is healthier and more environmentally friendly, without environmental restrictions.
       Because IQOS cartridges use heating elements to generate steam, the shredded tobacco of IQOS cartridges actually contains a certain amount of moisture. This is completely different from traditional cigarettes, which are completely dry. If they become damp, they cannot Unlike IQOS, shredded tobacco is inherently moist, so please pay attention to storage. If you try to use it within 2 days after unpacking, especially if your area is particularly dry, the moisture in the shredded tobacco will evaporate faster , After the moisture evaporates, it will affect the heating experience. If the unopened cartridges should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, the storage period can generally be up to 2 years if the environment is not particularly harsh.
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