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How to use IQOS e-cigarette

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1. Insert the cigarette cartridge and insert the cigarette egg at a slight angle. It is very easy. Basically, you don't use your thumb to gently press the cigarette holder.
2. After smoking, lift the cigarette holder, take out the cigarette holder, and try to face down as much as possible to reduce excessive black carbon remaining in the groove, and gently shake it down slightly.
3. Heshi tobacco egg trough, pay attention to the center of the start button.
4. Cleaning cycle, use matching brush for small dirt and alcohol stick for big dirt.
5. The surface of the heating chip is dirty. How to clean it? Use an alcohol stick to clean the black accumulation at the bottom of the heating chip. It is not very important and must be cleaned. The bottom is the contact part with the white plastic. For other locations, you can wipe off the surface easily. The chip will be cleaned at high temperature by itself. After cleaning, the surface will be very clean. Don't worry too much.
Remember: the bottom of the chip is in contact with the white plastic part, and it must be cleaned every time. Then wipe it clean with a dry cotton swab.
6. Clean the smoke and egg trough, first clean the surrounding area, then the center, focus on the center, the center will have carbon residue and the only contact with the chip, to avoid the jagged feeling, clean it every time, otherwise there will be a jagged feeling every time you pull the cigarette Single will bring a part of carbon deposits, short service life.
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